Pin Watch Wednesday - Heatwave special!

With this random heatwave we're experience in the UK at the moment, I thought why not dedicate my PWW for this week to last minute summer.

I'm more of a Autumn/Winter fan myself but I don't mind the occasional summer day, especially when i'm eating ice cream!

I eat ice cream no matter what the weather to be honest but it's just a cool summery treat to have on a scorcher day like yesterday and today.

I found so many cute ice cream enamel pins that it made it difficult to just choose one, here's a couple that I saw and loved immediately.

This ice cream pin from OhhDeer is super summery and I love the basic'ness of it.

Ok so this isn't an ice cream but looks how cool it looks! It's the old school rocket ice lolly I used to get from the ice cream van when I was like 10 years old! This is from a shop called Whoa There Pickle via

Something a little different yet as awesome as the others is this Lizzie Darden brain freeze ice cream pin. 

Now i saved the best til last, none other than the Mickey shaped ice cream pin ! Which ever park you visit you have to try this ice cream, it's like a tradition. All food that's Mickey shaped tastes good!

Pin Watch Wednesday - GBBO Specical (week 4)

It's the time of year when supermarkets experience higher sales in baking ingredients, more small kitchen appliances get purchased and you might even come across 
dedicated Bake Officers while browsing in your local Waitrose!

All of this leads to one thing.............. The Great British Bake Off!

With season 7 kicking off tonight on BBC One my PWW is devoted to baking.

I found this awesome pin set on Semi Sweet called Baking Buddies, just look how cute they are!

You can buy individual pins or the complete set for $28 . Make sure you check out Semi Sweets instagram, they post really cool looking cookies and specialise in cookie cutters also.

I actually can't get over how adorable they look.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy GBBO tonight!

Pin Watch Wednesday - week 3

Seeing as the weather has decided to actually feel like summer I thought i'd share a super cool Pin Watch Wednesday with you all.

Stay Cool with this nostalgic looking ice cream van pin from Lucky Horse Press , it's only $10 so what are you waiting for!

You can choose from 2 colours, red/blue or peach/aqua. I like the red and blue one myself as it reminds me of my childhood dream of one day owning a ice cream truck. True story!

What better way to celebrate the summery sun than rocking this pin on your denim jacket.

Pin Watch Wednesday - Week 2 - National Lazy Day

According to the national calendar for 2016 today is National Lazy Day! Now I don't know about you but this is perfect for me because I am a super lazy person and i loooove sleep!

So if you're a fan of being a lazy sloth then here's a PWW dedicated to just you.

This sleep appreciation society pin is from Veronica Dearly and is only £6!! Also they are offering free UK shipping to all orders over £5 so you have no excuse!

Now go celebrate by taking a nap or doing absolutely nothing.

Pin Watch Wednesday - FIRST ONE EVER!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably seen me post photos of my enamel pins the last few months. It all started when I randomly saw this awesome tooth pin on the Topshop website; at the time I was going to so many dentist appointments so the thought of wearing a tooth pin seemed to make my mind tingle with excitement. Strange I know. I thought wearing a tooth pin would make the painful tooth problems I've had (And I've had a quite a few!) seem more laughable! And then I got this PINS and needles feeling........I was about to become a pin addict.

So as my pin collection has grown more and more over the last few weeks I thought why not incorporate it into my blog. I thought of doing a pin watch post every week to show readers a pin that's caught my eye. Maybe even get some of you addicted like i am! 

I'll also be posting themed pins, i'm especially looking forward to showing you Halloween ones!

So here's the first ever PIN WATCH WEDNESDAY! eeeeek!

If you're a fan Clerks then this pin is a must for you! In the brilliant Kevin Smith directed black and white comedy there is a sign saying 'If you plan to shoplift, let us know. Thanks'. Now what better to represent such awesomeness than wearing the sign as a pin!

This would look great on a denim jacket or your backpack. Also it would make Kevin Smith proud!
This is available from LaLa Land and is only £8! I got some of my first pins from them and they are a great and reliable seller. Make sure you check out the other pins on their website, they also do jewellery, accessories, stationery and art. 

If you're a fellow pin addict or thinking about getting into pin collecting then please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

My top 10 films of 2015

I can't believe that this time of year has arrived already! This year actually feels like it's flown by ultra fast, I still remember counting the days to my big Florida holiday last year and that was back in April! 

For many people end of the year means setting resolutions, spending time with family and making most of the sales, for me it's quite the opposite, I've spent the last few days mulling over what films are going to make my top 10. This year has been the hardest so far, last year was very easy for me because it was Marvel galore, Guardians of the Galaxy was THE number 1 of 2014.

So anyway here's my top 10 films of 2015.

10. Hotel Transylvania 2

One of my favourite non-Disney animations EVER! I feel in love with the first one and when I found out the second one was being released in October this year I had a proper fan girl moment. 

9. Furious 7

I liked every single Fast and Furious film so far and this one was the most emotional one to date, although it was sad it was also exciting because we got to see more of Jason Statham. He was in his driving element as he is in best of his films. Looking forward to the next one already!

8. Ant-Man

It's a shame that Ant-Man isn't in my top 5 because I really expected it to be fantastic, instead it was just really good. Good enough to still be in my top 10 though so it's all good. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Evangeline Lily (to be Wasp) are great new additions to the Marvel Universe.

7. The Martian

I've seen many Matt Damon films but this one tops every time, his acting and passion is just perfection. It't typical of me to enjoy this film because it's space related, this is true but it's also very capturing and pretty epic. Ridley Scott didn't disappoint.

6. Trainwreck

This is the one film I thought I would not enjoy but I surprised myself and loved it! Amy Schumer is actually really funny, and the fact that you see John Cena naked also helps, ALOT!

5. Legend

I am a sucker for any films with Tom Hardy in, seriously he is just so amazing to look at and of course his acting is great too. Tom's adaptation of the legendary twin gangsters is amazing, getting to know the ups and downs of the famous Kray twins was very interesting and gripping.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Some people may be shocked to know that this isn't number 1 on my list, it's shocking to me too but the fact that it's in my top 5 means it's still very worthy. Getting to see the Maximoff twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver), Vision and of course Ultron himself all brilliantly added to the Avengers franchise was a great feeling. It still doesn't beat the first Avengers but it's damn close.

3. Inside Out

There hasn't been one Pixar film that I haven't liked and this still continues with Inside Out. It's such an captivating, humorous and superb film, I instantly felt related to Disgust and found her to be hilarious! 

2.  Chappie

The fact that my favourite South African band are in this just makes it awesome already, and then I actually went to watch the film and I have never felt so happy and emotional for a robot. The story line, the actors, the music, EVERYTHING about this film was pure awesomeness. 

1. Star Wars : The Force Awakens

This may be predictable but yes Star Wars is my number 1 film of 2015. What else is there to say ? Go watch it if you haven't, and if you have seen it then go watch it again and again. Star Wars is another level compared to any other film franchise EVER. Nothing compares. 

There are some films that I watched but didn't make my top 10, they deserve a mention though so here they are:-

Pitch Perfect 2 - not as funny as the first one but still a good one!
Sharknado 3 - not a official box office film (it's classed as an sci fi TV movie) but I am a big Sharknado fan and this was the best one yet!
Tomorrowland - I can't not mention this Disney Pictures film, it was great, the visuals and story line was really good and defiantly worth a watch. 

There are still a few films I haven't had the chance to watch this year but you may be wondering why isn't Jurassic World in my top 10, all I can say is that I was extremely underwhelmed. I expected a lot and was let down, I didn't feel the need for the film to be made as harsh as that sounds. It's annoying because I was really looking forward to it!

Are any of my top 10 films matching with yours? Let me know!

Thank you for reading 

Chan x

BarkBeats Halloween Box

BarkBeats is a monthly subscription box for your dog and includes toys, treats and grooming products. There is no commitment when you sign up and they deliver the box to your doorstep for FREE! What makes BarkBeats even more amazing is that they donate at least 10% of their profits to UK dog shelters and rescue homes. 

I found an amazing offer on Time Out London for a discounted doggy subscription box AND it was Halloween themed so I signed up for the promo code.
Signing up is super fast and easy, you put in your pets information, choose what type of subscription you want (I went for the monthly one) and then enter your promo code and pay! Simples!

The monthly box is £19 and with the promo code my box worked out to be £1!! WOOF-MAZING!

Inside the box there were toys and treats, my dog Kira smelt the treats straight away and got excited seeing that she has new toys to play with.

The play toy was in form of a monster alien, it squeaked and I think Kira became a fan of it pretty swiftly. She's now hid it somewhere so I 

The Carrot Crunch treats smelt really nice! If only they weren't dog treats then maybe I could of had some for myself......! Kira really liked them, I could hear her crunching sounds from the other room!

I've never heard of Alpha Spirit before until BarkBeats and according to the product list these snacks are gluten and grain free. I haven't given one to Kira yet but it's food so I'm sure she'll like it!

This Halloween Barks & Sparks muffin is the biggest treat, it's made from natural ingredients so its perfectly safe for your pets. It's bigger than Kira's head so I will most likely cut it up in pieces for her to eat!

The Durafoam ball is really light and soft, Kira didn't seem to impressed with it (probably because it doesn't squeak!) but i'm sure she'll be keen on it soon.
The Time Out offer has now expired however if you sign up on BarkBeats website you get a £5 off promo code to use.

I defiantly recommend ordering a BarkBeats box, it will give your best friend a lovely surprise every month. The products are of good quality and you can't go wrong with free delivery, I can't wait to get my next box and I'm sure Kira is excited too!

Thank you for reading!

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